If you could provide your lead generation reps helpful cues on every one of their calls, what would you tell them?


Balto understands sales conversations using artificial intelligence and offers your reps simple, proven cues that help them win their calls.

How Balto Works


Balto integrates with your phone system to interpret dialogue between the lead generation rep and the buyer. In real-time, Balto offers your reps text cues to help them win calls and avoid slip-ups.

"You know, I don't think I'm interested in that sort of thing right now."

Objection - No Interest. Ask buyer to clarify.


"Well, I just meant that I'm having a hard time coaching my lead generation reps as it is."

Likely pain expressed. Find out what's causing it?

"We have 5 managers for almost 100 reps. We don't have nearly enough time to coach them all."

Possible Benefit - Time Savings. Turn it into a meeting?

What Challenges Does Balto Solve?


Small Mistakes Lose Leads

We can all think of leads we've lost because we glossed over a pain point or failed to hear our buyer out. Because your reps only have the chance to engage your buyers in a handful of conversations each day, small mistakes make or break their production.

Habits Are Tough To Change

Even when your reps know what they should do on a call, executing in the excitement of a live call is hard. For example, chances are that your team has some sort sales playbook, complete with common buyer objections and recommended rebuttals. So what's stopping your lead generation reps from handling objections perfectly every time?

% of Learning Forgot (2)

Coaching Doesn't Stick

Lead generation reps forget 22% of their coaching sessions after just one day. After one week, this number spikes to 59%. Unfortunately, managers simply don't have the time to reinforce conversation skills until they finally become habit.

How Balto Helps

Conquer Common Selling Mistakes

Balto helps your reps avoid common selling mistakes by cueing them when they’re overlooking pain signals or dominating the conversation.

Support Your Reps in Real Time

Balto coaches your reps to master objections by recognizing objections in real time and guiding reps straight to your playbook.

Make Your Coaching Stick

Balto reinforces strong sales techniques with habit-forming cues backed by today’s most respected sales authors and psychologists.

Translate Your Coaching to More Leads

Your Lead Generation Reps Forget 59% of their Coaching Within One Week.

It doesn't have to be this way.