Collect More. Collect Compliantly.

Balto’s analyzes conversations and coaches collectors to collect as much as possible, the right way, on every single phone call.

Balto Software Quality and Compliance dashboard for collectors and quality assurance


Help Collectors collect more and stay compliant with Balto


Perfect your talk-offs

Balto provides critical information to reps live in  moments they need it most, because after-call feedback is already too late.


Pass your audits with flying colors

Balto listens for conversation milestones, visually checking them off as they happen and ensuring reps stay on track.

Ramp new collectors faster

Balto’s rep-facing alerts are completely customizable, giving managers power to adjust the key behaviors Balto enforces.

Proven Results with Balto

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Balto Software giving Can't Pay signal to collector with check box in background

The Best Negotiation Strategies on Every Call

Picture the collector on your team that everyone envies, the one who somehow wins every talk-off. Now imagine your entire team using the same negotiation strategies on every call. Balto guides collectors to use your best negotiation strategies in every talk-off, producing dramatic boosts in net revenue.

Shorten Ramp Times by 50-75% (really)

As a new collector, getting it all right on their first day used to be impossible. Balto has changed the game by coaching new collectors to remember every compliance point, client-specific requirement, and negotiation strategy on every call. This means more net revenue for your ownership and fewer questions for your managers.

Balto Software giving debt settlment alert to collector with check box in background
Balto Software with compliance signals to collector with check box in background

Hit Every Compliance Point on Every Call

Never miss a mini-Miranda, 2-party disclosure, or client-specific requirement again. Balto creates complete accountability for your collectors by automatically checking off your compliance points on each call as they’re addressed and immediately bringing potential violations directly to managers’ attention.

“The most amazing thing to me about Balto is the immediate impact it had on our daily production and revenue. It was like flipping a switch, literally. Our daily immediate payment totals escalated by 75%.”

Roger Weiss / CACi

Ready to Collect More?

We don’t do simulations. During your demo, you’ll see Balto working in a live environment, actually implementing the suggestions most relevant for your organization. Schedule your Balto demo today.