How Call Center Analytics Boosts On-Call Performance

If you run a call center and would like to improve your effectiveness, you are likely wondering where to turn. Improving your effectiveness takes your profit to the next level if you know where to start. You can simplify the process by using call center analytics software to boost the performance of your team.

if you want to increase your profitability and expand your reach, call center analytics software the perfect solution. Discover why you should add it to your daily operations without delay, and you will be glad you did. This guide covers the basics and shows you why many people trust Balto when they want call center analytics software that does the job right.

How Call Center Analytics Software Works

Balto’s call analytics software sits in the background while you and your team make calls. It records a range of metrics you can later use to evaluate your performance. For example, Balto’s call analytics software tracks dozens of call variables in real-time, alerting reps with the best things to say in the moment.

 Balto’s call analytics software can also detect common objections and show you the best response to overcome them.  Balot helps you increase sales. You can use Balto’s software to learn what works well for your call center and what does not. With the right approach and an open mind, you can use call center analytics software to grow your business and enhance the quality of your phone calls.

Improve Your Approach As You Go with Balto

For many call center teams, the ability to improve as they go is one of the best benefits. At the end of the day, separate your calls into ones that got a sale and ones that did not. You can use Balto’s  software to spot trends in each group.

Once you learn what words and responses increase the odds of earning a sale, you can use them more often than phrases that don’t. In addition to seeing what gives you the best possible results, you can learn what words make your prospects hesitant to buy from you. This information is a powerful tool that does wonders for your bottom line.

Actively Guide Calls

 Balto is the only software that understands phone conversations and tell reps what to say, live on each call. With Balto, agents always use effective conversation techniques and calls don’t slip through the cracks. Live call guidance helps reps use effective soft skills, like talk speed and active listening, and hard skills, like objection handling and introductory statements. 

Improve Customer Service Experience:

One call resolutions are one of the most important indicators of call center performance. Balto’s call center analytics software recognizes customer questions and provides helpful, accurate answers for call center agents. That way, calls get handled properly the first time.

In addition, this reduces hold times, as customer service agent’s don’t need to look up information when they hear a new question. Balto’s call center analytics software recognizes specific, customized questions and makes sure reps have information instantly.

Spot Problem Areas

No matter how much skill you have, every call center faces problems from time to time. Inability to deal with those problems the right way can hurt your business in more ways than you think. Unaddressed problems spiral out of control and affect other areas of your call center, a trap you want to avoid.

The right software helps you detect those problems in the first stages. For example, if you have an agent who is not performing as well as you believe he should, Balto can pinpoint what he says when losing a customer’s attention. If your entire team notices a sales drop at certain times, you can review the data to get the big picture.

Encourage Productivity

The productivity of your team is a critical factor in your overall success. Finding ways to increase your team’s productivity also boosts your profit, so you can see that this investment is worth making.

Balto lets you refine your approach over time, and you won’t be disappointed. You can, for example, spot conversation points that don’t move your customer to the desired outcome. Removing weak points in your sales pitch helps you close the deal much sooner, giving you even more time to make additional calls.

Boost Morale

Your team’s morale is another key factor that impacts your bottom line in ways you might not expect. If your team is not in a positive mood, it shows in each interaction they have with prospective customers. This problem takes a bite out of your profit by tanking your sales.

To avoid that situation and keep your sales on track, take proactive steps to maintain your team’s morale. Balto lets you track the performance of each team member you supervise. You can then create fun competitions or reward those who go the extra mile, which shows you appreciate what they bring to the table.

Balto Call Center Analytics Software Infographic

Learn the Benefits of Balto’s Call Center Analytics Software

Who uses Call Center Analytics Software?

Call Center Analytics Software has a variety of applications, the most frequent being:

Sales – Help sales reps sell more if immediate suggestions on every call.

Customer Service – Ensure customer service agents provide fast, accurate answers to caller questions.

CollectionsMake sure collectors remain compliant, read disclaimers, and use effective negotiation strategies on every call.

SupportMake sure support agents always have the right answers and strategies, no matter the nature of the call.

Medical – Make sure medical professionals remain compliant and uphold official policy on the phones.

Make Sure Call Center Analytics Software is Secure:

Your call center analytics software manages your conversations, which are your intellectual property. Make sure your adheres to industry best practices, including

  • PCI, PII, PCH Compliance
  • 256-bit encryption
  • TLS 1.2
  • Penetration Testing
  • Physical and Digital Security

While call center analytics software can take your call center to the next level, not all software packages are equal. You want one that stands out from the rest in a powerful way you can’t ignore.

In addition to call center analytics software, Balto is an all-in-one resource that lets you achieve results you once thought impossible. It sits in the background and listens to the conversations your team has with prospects and customers. From there, it gives real-time feedback on what your team must say to move the conversation along the correct path.

Boost Conversions

Your conversion rate is one of the most important elements of your success and long-term profitability. While a low conversion rate could cause your business to fail, a high conversion rate takes your bottom line to the next level. Not only can Balto detect common objections, but it can also show on-screen prompts that tell your team what to say to win the deal. Balto learns with each approach and lets you stay in control of your customer service process from start to finish.

Earn Repeat Business

Although boosting your conversion rate is a fantastic starting point, it’s not always enough to get the outcome you deserve. Consider that keeping a customer is much cheaper than getting a new one. With that fact in mind, you can see the importance of earning repeat business from your customers. Achieving that goal is not as hard as you think, but you need to provide high-quality support to those who have questions or need direction. No matter the situation, Balto’s call center analytics software is ready to give your team with the response that takes your business to where you have always wanted it.

Sell More:

Balto’s call center analytics software recognizes key elements within sales conversations and automatically tells reps what to say, live on each call. Balto’s call center analytics software detects dozens of variables, including objections, concerns, problem, and soft skills (like talk speed, active listening, and empathy statements) and then instantly prompts sales reps with the best things to say to win the call.

Compliance and Quality Assurance:

If a rep begins to deviate from the script, use non-compliant language, miss a disclaimer, or use weak language, Balto’s call center analytics software prompts the rep with helpful suggestions to get them back on track. That way, reps have an opportunity to save the call while it’s happening, before the damage is done.

Call Coaching Summary:

After each call, Balto’s call center analytics software provides representatives with helpful suggestions about areas where they excel and areas where they can improve. In doing so, they have the opportunity to handles call and learn simultaneously. Further, they are provided helpful information when the call is still fresh in their mind.

Habit Formation:

Balto’s call center analytics software drives effective habits. Immediate reinforcement is scientifically validated as the single best way to establish conversation habits. Balto’s instant alerts mean that reps quickly develop excellent skills while on the phones.

Track Individual Performance:

Balto’s call center analytics software provides unprecedented visibility into the metrics that matter. Balto presents each variable in an easy-to-read format so that managers don’t need to dig through thousands of rows of data. Managers can easily adjust Balto’s call center analytics software to better reflect the results of their team.

Scale Great Habits:

Balto’s call center analytics software recognizes what the best performers are doing and automatically suggests simple improvements for managers to implement. That way, reps know they are using the strategies of top performers, which increases adherence and overall performance. 

Learn More about Call Center Analytics Software

Increased sales, boosted trust and an enhanced reputation are a few of the benefits you can expect when working with Balto. Since we care about each of our customers, we are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance Balto and its features. If you are ready to see what Balto’s call center analytics software can do for your call center, we invite you to request a personalized demo.

Originally published Apr 22, 2019 7:55 pm