Call Analytics for Exceptional Conversations

Balto’s call analytics software effortlessly tracks and illustrates the key variables responsible for call performance.

Real-Time Call Analytics

Balto’s real-time call analytics software automatically understand phone conversations and instantly prompt reps with the best things to say, live on each call. Simultaneously, Balto transfers critical call data to dashboards for manager review.


Immediate reinforcement quickly builds effective conversation techniques across your team.


Balto maps to your specific conversation environment for a seamless call analytics experience.

Balto Software Call Analytics Live Call Propmpting
Balto Software Call Analytics Dashboard Rep Call Performance

Post-Call Analytics and Dashboards

Balto’s fully-customizable call analytics dashboards illustrate essential information from every single conversation. Managers can easily correlate data with results to improve call quality, inform messaging, and improve call coaching effectiveness.

Simple to Use

No Ph.D. required. Balto’s call analytics integrate easily with your existing telephony system.


Quickly discover key conversation variables responsible for call performance at your organization.

Balto’s Call Analytics Software Features

Balto’s call analytics suite is flexible, secure, and cost-efficient.

Simple to Use

Balto easily integrates with major telephony systems so that you can get started right away.


Balto’s call analytics is completely customizable. Select from hundreds of different alerts.

Robust analytics

Robust call analytics track and illustrate variables responsible for conversation results

Adaptable A.I.

Balto adapts to different conversation environments, including sales, service, and compliance.

Secure & Compliant

Balto keeps your conversation data safe and secure with industry-leading security protocols.

Flexible Pricing

Balto helps teams of all sizes. Pay per call or enjoy unlimited use for a low monthly rate.

See Balto’s Call Analytics in Action

During your live Balto call analytics demo, you’ll see Balto analyze calls in real-time, provide helpful suggestions, and populate call dashboards with valuable information.

Balto Software Call Analytics Dashboard with results agent call performance