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Swapping CallMiner for Balto unleashes a powerful, easy-to-use speech analytics solution for your most impactful calls.

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Built for the Everyday User

You don’t need to be Elon Musk to use Balto’s speech analytics solution. Balto’s drag-and-drop functionality¬† helps you get speech analytics up and running in a matter of days.

CallMiner Dashboard Alternative Balto Live Call Analytics

Mission Critical Insights at Your Fingertips

Balto tracks hundreds of variables that drive call results: simply select the items you’d like to follow and let Balto handle the rest. Balto makes it easy to see what’s working and what’s not.

No Additional Overhead

No human resources required. Balto automatically adapts to conversations without expensive manual input.

CallMiner Alternative Call Analytics Dashboard
CallMiner Eureka Alternative Balto Live Call Analytics

Live Call Suggestions for Reps

Balto’s A.I. understands phone conversations and automatically alerts reps with the best things to say, live on each call. With Balto, call coaching actually gets utilized.

From Balto’s Customers

“Our #1 Balto user is our #1 salesperson”
Kirk Brundage

General Manager, Link Interactive

“We decreased our compliance deficit by 43%
Brandon Tumber

President, Midwest Recovery Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t afford a single negative experience. Balto empowers every agent to communicate at the level of your most experienced, productive rep

Do I Need to Replace My Phone System?

No. Balto integrates with all major telephony systems and automatically updates reports and dashboards, no file uploads required!

How Does Balto’s Pricing Model Work?

Balto’s pricing model is completely flexible with no minimum contract sizes. Plus, you can select from per-minute pricing or flat monthly rates.

How Long Does Balto Take To Implement?

Depending on the organization, implementations take between three days to four weeks. Balto guarantees implementation times for every customer.

What Is “Real-Time Speech Analytics?”

Real-time speech analytics understand phone conversation and automatically alert reps with the best things to say, live in-call. Balto as your support mechanism for coaching insights.

How Secure Is Balto?

Your call data is one of your most important assets. Balto is PCI, PCH, and PII compliant and utilizes HTTPS, TLS 1.2, and bank-grade 256-bit encryption.

Does Balto Offer Pilots?

Of course! Pilots are all inclusive – you’ll get complete access to Balto’s real-time speech analytics and support offerings. Request a demo below to get started.