Much like Balto successfully guided his pack through a difficult journey, our software guides people to be successful throughout difficult phone conversations. We are transforming how organizations communicate by redefining how humans and machines work together. Our pack of Baltonians is composed of ambitious individuals who are innovating on the front lines of a traditionally undisrupted industry, but it won’t be undisrupted forever. 

Seize the opportunity, join our journey, and help Balto make history.

"The environment here allows me the flexibility to pursue creative solutions and write quality code all the while providing the vision and guidance needed to keep me focused on our most ambitious goals. Working here makes me a better programmer. Oh, and everybody’s pretty cool too." - Christopher

"Working at Balto is great because you get to work on a cool product, with cool tech, with cool people."

- Austin

"Balto is completely incredible. The people, the culture, and the opportunities are unlike anywhere else." - Rowen

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