CACi is a St. Louis company specializing in first and third party collections. They are one of only 60 agencies worldwide that have earned the coveted Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certification from ACA International. As a growing and progressive collections agency, CACi is always on the lookout for products that can increase revenue and positive consumer sentiment for their clients.


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Industry: Collections 

Use Case: Compliance and Revenue Generation

Balto Environment: 25 Users

CACi’s Use Case

CACi used Balto to train Collectors in Real Time

What attracted CACi to Balto’s real-time AI was the fact that the AI focuses on the collector. Balto coaches the collector during the call and aligns consumer interaction with the company’s initial training. This emphasis on collector behavior and response fits into the CACi collector-first philosophy. When Balto interacts with collectors, not only do their techniques benefit, but company culture improves as well.

CACi found that Balto’s coaching maximizes both revenue and consumer good will. The Balto AI helps collectors build relationships with consumers by guiding them with effective conversation techniques. These include suggestions to let the consumer speak, as well as specific statements to help counter objections and explore sources of funds. CACi was able to customize the Balto scripting so that it corresponds exactly with the company’s training.

The Solution

With the Balto implementation, CACi saw revenue increase in both average immediate payments and daily collection totals. Further adding to the revenue stream was a Balto guided drop in compliance violations. CACi was looking at a banner quarter, and identified two ways in which Balto actively raises revenu

With Balto providing real-time guidance, collectors no longer have to put consumers on hold and constantly ask their managers for input. Instead the collector can focus on the conversation. Balto functions as the real-time expert for relevant information like payment terms, FAQs, and scheduling details.  With these answers at their fingertips, collectors get to focus exclusively on driving the call forward.

“Balto shortens the training curve: one of our collectors came to us right out of high school, and in just two months he was already performing like an industry veteran.”

Balto also provides collectors with proven negotiation techniques. Asking probing questions, proposing alternative sources of funds, and responding effectively to common consumer objections become part of every phone call. For a number of collectors, Balto led to a stunning 75% increase in average immediate payments.

“It’s the most exciting new product that I’ve seen in the industry in
years, and I can’t wait to see what’s next with Balto.”

Roger Weiss COO, CACi

“The most amazing thing to me about Balto is the immediate impact it had on our daily production and revenue. It was like flipping a switch, literally. A lot of our collectors saw their daily immediate payment totals escalate by 75%.”

Roger WeissCOO, CACi

Before and After Balto

Before Balto, CACi encountered all the standard challenges that busy collection agencies face. High turnover leads to constant training and ramping, and that ramp time can be significant. Efficiency suffers as new collectors get up to speed and collections revenue drags as a result.

After the Balto implementation, CACi saw immediate and measurable improvement. “It was like flipping a switch,” said Roger Weiss, COO of CACi. Balto’s real-time training led to a quick 25% increase in daily collections and a major 65% decrease in ramp time.

“The most amazing thing to me about Balto is the immediate impact it had on our daily production and revenue. It was like flipping a switch, literally. A lot of our collectors saw their daily immediate payment totals escalate by 75%.”

In addition to decreasing ramp time, Balto also maximizes good will. Balto’s light prompting softens the interaction between the collector and the consumer, thus leading to more positive conversations. This friendlier tone encourages consumers to actively participate in the negotiations and collectors benefit from a more positive atmosphere.

The Result

Balto increased collector productivity and increased revenue. Balto optimized collector training with a 65% decrease in ramp time. This has led to more effective calls with a 25% increase in daily collections. Compliance has been solved. Balto effectively guides collectors to follow best practices in compliance adherence. Balto has energized the CACi workspace. With increased revenue and a more positive tone in consumer calls, collectors enjoy coming to work every day.


Increase in Daily Collections


Uptick in Average Immediate Payments


Decrease in Training Time