Industry: Home Improvement

Use Case: Revenue Generation and Call Visibility

Balto Environment: 20 Balto Users

About Link Interactive

Link Interactive is one of the branches of a home security company. 

Since 2010 Link Interactive has been providing protection to clients through secure, cost-effective and easy do-it-yourself security systems. 

In 2019, Link Interactive was recognized as one of the best home security systems. 

Their sales team works to provide peace of mind for their customers while pushing the limits in the home security marketplace.


“Our #1 salesperson is our #1 Balto user.”

Kirk Brundage

General Manager

“We got a lot of support right from the beginning. Our goals were their goals. They were 100% committed to helping us reach those and they continued to brainstorm and help us reach those goals.”

Kirk Brundage

General Manager


Return on ROI

The Challenge

Link Interactive was bringing in 1000s of leads to their call center, but conversion rates were lower than they would like. In the busy home security marketplace, Link Interactive needed to fight their way to the top and standout. 

Reps needed to take advantage of every opportunity to close a deal on the first shot, so the company could continue to grow.

Managers often saw reps were not transitioning from providing a quote to trying to close the deal.

They needed to be able to support their reps on the go and show more value to clients on the first call and not wait for call coaching in their next meeting with their sales manager. Link Interactive wanted to get away from the traditional management structure of listening to calls and giving post-call feedback in one-on-one meetings. So they gave Balto a try. 

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