Always be Compliant

Automatically, on everycall.  Balto’s compliance software detects compliance violations and visually coaches reps to take corrective action before the conclusion of the call, on every call. Try it today. 

Balto Software Post-Call Analytics Background demonstrating compliance and quality for call center agents


Customize Balto for your Quality and Compliance Goals


Threats or Combative Language

.Balto detects threatening language and prompts reps with de-escalation techniques to cool down the call.


False Statements

Balto listens for false or misleading statements and prompts reps with helpful clarifying language.



Balto monitors calls for disclaimers, automatically checking them off throughout the call and reminding reps who miss them.

Soft Skills

Balto enforces fundamental conversation skills, like active listening and talk speed, to enhance conversation quality.


Confidential Information

Balto monitors each call for confidential information and immediately alerts reps to self-correct.


Script Deviations

Customize Balto to reorient contact center reps who deviate from your approved scripting or talk track.

Balto Software Real-Time Fraud Detection alert during call monitoring for compliance and quality in call center

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

You know the situation – a complaint comes in, you review the call and find a critical mistake. Even with great call analytics, the damage is done. Conversely, Balto’s compliance software catches mistakes in the moment and helps reps self-correct, before the conclusion of the call.

Add Safeguards to Your Calls

Like bumpers at a bowling alley, Balto notices when calls might be trending in the wrong direction and instantly prompts reps with suggestions to get things back on track. That way, reps can communicate unobstructed until they need assistance.

Balto software checklist showing each portion of a call as it progresses, guiding reps to a certain call results
Balto Software on call center computer showing call performance results, including script adherence and call quality

Your All-in-one Command Center

Balto’s fully customizable dashboards give you access to dozens of language variables, like false statements, combative language, and confidential information. That way, you can synthesize the best in real-time and post-call analytics for unparalleled control.

Partner with a Company that Invests in your Success

Call Analytics

Want to correlate different strategies with specific outcomes? Balto’s call analytics let managers see exactly what’s working and what isn’t. 

Painless Onboarding

We respect your time and we’ll personally meet with you and your team to learn about your organizational goals and ensure Balto is helping.

Guaranteed Uptimes

We don’t make excuses. When you use Balto, we proudly guarantee the stability and quality of our product. It’s that simple.

Real People

We don't automate our customer service, period. When you contact Balto, you get a real person ready (and excited) to help.

Immediate Turnaround

Need help adjusting Balto for a new campaign, script or performance goal? Your dedicated account manager is ready to assist.

Proper Security

Your conversations are your most valuable asset, which is why all of our data is protected utilizing cutting-edge security protocols.

“We decreased our compliance deficit by 43%.”

Brandon Tumber / Midwest Recovery Systems

Ready to Conquer Compliance?

We don’t do simulations. During your demo, you’ll see Balto working in a live environment, actually implementing the suggestions most relevant for your organization. Schedule your Balto demo today.

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