Balto: Our Values & Culture

Our Mission


At Balto, we want to transform how organizations communicate with those they serve by redefining how people and machines work together

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Balto’s Values


  • Be on time
  • Give all roles the credit they deserve
  • Listen to understand, not to respond
  • Welcome constructive feedback
  • Keep your metrics honest
  • Keep your door open whenever possible
  • Put positive thoughts out into the world

“Starting work at Balto was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Every morning I wake up excited to go to the office, looking forward to what each new day is going to bring. You will work with super talented smart people who are passionate about what they do. The company provides thousands of learning opportunities and great trainings for not only professional but also personal growth.
You can always find support, help and trust here. Also, the environment at work is super fun, you will get to do a lot of exciting activities!
Balto is where I can be myself and together with our team contribute to an amazing goal of making the communication between people more efficient.
Honestly, Balto is a company with unique and inspiring values.”

“In this team, I feel like anything can be possible.”

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We Think About the Big Picture

We are Balto representatives, and we dignify it. We understand that we are not entitled to anything, and as such, recognize that we have an absolute moral conviction to reach our limits, whatever those might be, and have an equally important moral obligation to help others do the same. Further, should we ever feel that, “we know it all” then we must immediately step back to remind ourselves that real knowledge is only inversely proportional to the intensity of our opinions. That way, when we reflect on the time we spent here, we will not need to merely explain that we, “lived our time,” but may also add, “and have no regrets.”

Balto Software Office Space

Thank You, Saint Louis


Balto Software is proud to call St. Louis home. Since 2014, St. Louis experienced incredible entrepreneurial activity. Business Insider listed St. Louis as the fastest growing entrepreneurial hotbed in the country with 342.70% deal growth in 2015 alone. These numbers make St. Louis an increasingly attractive place to grow a business.

Of course, while these numbers are encouraging from a business perspective, they are even more important from a community perspective. The fast-paced growth of the technology revolution means that cities can transform overnight. At Balto, we understand that we have an important moral obligation to fuel that growth. 

We couldn’t be more excited to grow alongside our city.

-Team Balto