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Balto’s customer service software helps agents provide a world-class customer service experience on every phone call.

With Balto’s customer service software, you’ll be able to …

  • Improve agent response quality with automatic answers
  • Increase net promoter scores with in-call guidance
  • Reduce handle times with immediate suggestions
  • Gain insights into the call strategies that work

During your demo, you’ll have the opportunity to see Balto in action, working to help an agent through a simulated customer service conversation.

If you’d prefer to chat, please call us at 855-462-2586.

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 At Balto, we've helped agencies:

Increase average payment amounts by 3.84x

Increase daily collections by 25%

Increase immediate payment totals by 75%

Increase compliance scores to 95% and above

We've analyzed over 1 million collections calls and visited dozens of agencies across the country to collect these 10 phone skills. These 10 phone skills will not only help you collect more but will help you collect as much as humanly possible.

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