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Hear from the people who use Balto to close more revenue and consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience, on every call

“Balto is amazing! Balto has improved my employees job performance more than I could’ve imagined.”
Heather Heisler

Supervisor, Rent2Own

“The most amazing thing to me about Balto is the immediate impact it had on our daily production and revenue. It was like flipping a switch, literally. A lot of our collectors in our daily immediate payment totals escalated by 75%. It’s the most exciting new product that I’ve seen in the industry in years, and I can’t wait to see what’s next with Balto.”
Roger Weiss

President, CACi

“Balto enables our sales reps to have very high-quality conversations in a short amount of time. It fundamentally changed the way we do things. With Balto, we’ve earned an additional $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue.”
Aaron Asher

Owner, Arsenal Business Growth

“Balto works like a coach on your shoulder. It is an extremely helpful and wonderful tool to use. Overall, the more I’m getting into it, the more excited I am about using it as a manager.”

Rich Ackerman

Operations Analyst, MRS

“The whole office is lit up with Balto!”

Eric Howell

VP of Product, eHealth

“Balto brings accountability straight to the face of the agent. Whenever we make changes to our scripting every single agent has that on screen immediately.”

Martin To

Sales Development Manager, American Homes 4 Rent

“Balto just brings us all confidence. I’m confident that my representatives are representing Accelerated Receivables Solutions in a way I want them to do so. With Balto, we bring our clients reassurance and communicate with them in the most empathetic way.”

Randi Gabel

Collections Manager, ARS

“Balto helps newer agents to learn the script faster, handle sophisticated objections more efficiently, turn a lost opportunity into a won opportunity. The platform is very simple and its configuration is very straight forward.”

Chaz Tedesco

Senior Systems Analyst, Momentum Solar

Arsenal Business Growth uses Balto to ramp reps faster and book more appointments

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