Deliver top customer experiences, on every call

Balto empowers agents to get everything right on every call with the world’s most powerful automated call coaching.

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Improve Your Call Center’s Quality Scores with Balto

De-escalate customer frustrations before they turn into expensive complaints.

Create an effortless customer experience by providing agents immediate answers.


Monitor 100.00% of calls across your call center so that nothing slips through the cracks.

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De-escalate calls before they turn into complaints

Balto empowers agents to correct customer frustrations by providing them with proven de-escalation strategies. Balto helps agents listen, use understanding verbiage, and take control of the call. With Balto, managers can coach 100% of agents on 100% of their calls with strategies that drive results.


Instantly provide agents with the best answers, on every call.

How many FAQs do you have? Balto automatically provides agents instant answers to every FAQ.  Eliminate hold time spent searching for product questions, geographies, and protocols. With Balto, agents automatically have the answers they need in the moments they need them most. Moreover, if there are several parts to the answer, Balto has a checklist that will reveal the progress of the call.  


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The Ultimate QA Safety Net

What if you could monitor 100% of your calls for less than 2% of the cost of live QA? With Balto, every call is recorded and transcribed, meaning you can monitor all your calls for red flags.  With Balto’s data analytics suite, you can find the exact calls that are putting your organization at risk and take immediate action before it’s too late. Oh, and the Data Analytics Suite is free. Pretty amazing, we know. 

Ready to Empower Your Agents? 

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