Linguistics Analyst

Linguistics Analyst (Saint Louis, MO): The linguistics analyst will be responsible for analyzing, categorizing, and organizing elements from millions of conversations to test and improve the accuracy of Balto’s proprietary speech recognition platform. Through an in-depth knowledge of both linguistics and the market conditions of the industry, the individual in this position will improve Balto’s understanding of current and potential customers by improving the analysis of conversations with those customers. They will use the information gathered in this sophisticated analysis to educate the community about the value and features of Balto’s platform to customers. Through this analysis, the linguistics analyst will also identify behavior patterns demonstrated through the language used by these clients. Based on this knowledge, they will assist Balto in developing the proper strategy for ongoing communication with that client. In sum, the linguistics analyst will use the tools of linguistic analysis to build a detailed picture of the market in which Balto is operating and the perspectives of its current and potential customers.

This work will be performed primarily at Balto’s office, located at 911 Washington Avenue, Suite 713, Saint Louis, MO 63101. There is the possibility of travel to up to one conference per year.

Required training and skills: Masters in linguistics or similar; advanced abilities with Excel and R; working
knowledge of statistical regressions; strong understanding of English

To apply, please email your resume and a 2-sentence description of what excites you about Balto to

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