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Balto’s Individual Referral Program is for consultants and industry experts who want to help their network improve call performance.

Value Added Reseller

Balto’s Value Added Reseller Program is for third-party software resellers who want to expand their technology offerings and generate commissions.


Balto’s Integration Partner Program is for organizations looking to integrate with Balto’s technology and enhance their own product suite.

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Individual Partnerships

Balto’s Individual Partner Program is for industry insiders who want to generate passive income by providing Balto’s world-class artificial intelligence solutions to their client base.

Partners receive exclusive resources, including marketing materials, training and other sales collateral to help promote Balto effectively. Additionally, partners enjoy direct access to a dedicated manager to help answer questions and increase success.

Reseller Partnerships

Balto’s Value Added Reseller Partner Program is for third party software resellers who want to enhance their product offerings for their clients. Generally, these partners sell into enterprise business accounts within the contact center space.

Partners receive exclusive resources, including marketing materials, training and other sales collateral to help promote Balto effectively. Additionally, partners enjoy direct access to a dedicated manager to help answer questions and increase success.

Integration Partnerships

Balto Integration Partnership Program is for software companies seeking to enhance their own platform through speech analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

Partners receive dedicated engineering and product and resources, including Balto APIs and dedicated engineering support to assist with integrations and other technical objectives.


“Balto is a next step to enable teams to keep deals progressing…we only partner with companies that truly add value to our clients, Balto is a strong player we see being a huge success on the sales enablement technology landscape.”

Mari Anne Vanella

CEO, The Vanella Group

“I wanted to thank you and your team for the presentation. I have invited a number of our partners to these calls before and there was more excitement about your product, BY FAR, than any other we have presented so far.”

Bryce Payne

Director of Business Development, TCN

Partner Perks

Generous Commissions
Uncapped Potential – Balto’s partner commissions are calculated as a percentage of total contract value, not a flat rate.
Quick Payments No unnecessary waiting – Our partners get paid as soon as we do.
Simple Agreements No bureaucracy – our partner agreements are simple and transparent.
Customized Materials No generic documents – we work with our partners to optimize materials for their client personas.
Direct Contact Partners have direct contact with a dedicated Balto manager.
Training & Support Partners receive access to on-boarding documents and other helpful training resources.


 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Balto support work?

The Balto help desk is available 24/7 to answer all of your Balto questions. You can reach us by phone, chat, or email.

How does Balto differ from other solutions on the market?

Balto combines two fundamental features to provide a uniquely successful solution. First Balto listens to both sides of the conversation and then provides real-time guidance to the representative. Most other call analytics software only provide post-call data, and as a result, most of the phone calls monitored are wasted. By providing on-the-spot intelligence, Balto enables every call to be a successful consumer interaction.

Is Balto easy to use?

Incredibly easy! Balto sits quietly on the side of your collector’s computer screen and provides critical information based on each conversation.

Is Balto secure?

All Balto interactions are PCI, PCH, and PII compliant and employ bank grade 256-bit encryption, the industry standard. Please review our security page for more information.

Does Balto integrate with other providers?

Balto integrates seamlessly with most major phone providers. Once installed, Balto automatically analyzes conversations to quickly produce insights for management and representatives without interference.

How does Balto know what to recommend?

Balto is highly customizable and companies with a definitive grasp of their conversations often develop Balto with their own content. For organizations wanting more assistance, Balto curates industry scripts that enable representatives to hit the ground running.

What are the benefits of a real-time AI as opposed to post-call?

Real-time insights are applied to 100% of calls; no calls slip through the cracks:
• Insights are delivered in the moment  before the call is lost
• Representatives receive training while on the phones, thereby reducing down time
• Managers don’t need to listen into calls, Balto does it for them
• Representatives form great habits automatically.

What does the Balto implementationprocess look like?

Balto’s Customer Success team meets with you to outline key improvement areas within your team, and structures Balto to support your particular goals. At your request, we suggest potential improvement areas within your team and update Balto accordingly to ensure continuous improvement.

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