Pharmakinnex Customer Story

Through a blend of inbound and outbound tele-detailing, Pharmakinnex provides a multi-channel pharmaceutical marketing solution to communicate key product messaging to potential customers. Their representatives can work in tandem with a company’s existing sales team to increase their impact through the use of the entire multi-channel approach, including phone, fax, email, and direct mail. They specialize in tele-detailing for pharmaceuticals as an extension of a client’s field force to market, promote, and build awareness for both generics and branded products. As a very flexible company, Pharmakinnex can fit the needs of almost any customer in the healthcare care or pharmaceutical industry. They currently serve clients both large and small, to promote over-the-counter products and prescriptions, either branded and generic, and also medical devices. The mission of PharmaKinnex is to use it’s proven experience to develop customized programs to ensure that a product reaches its maximum potential.


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Industry: Medical Sales

Use Case: Sales and Compliance

Balto Environment: 12 Users

The Problems:

Pharmakinnex had three main concerns: reducing onboarding time, ensuring compliance guidelines are met on every call and making sure that reps are asking for the decision makers.

Pharmakinnex needed to reduce onboarding time and to help agents get up to speed on materials for new products.

“Calls are so in-depth and detailed on the nitty-gritty of the products. We had to hound agents so much to remember the big important things that they would forget the simple things.”

-Mike Stanzione, Senior Account Manager at Pharmakinnex.

“Getting someone up to speed was easy up to a point – an agent could memorize a script and have that initial dialogue, but when they were asked questions, that’s where they stumbled.”

-Jose Serrano, Jr., VP of Client Services

In Pharmakinnex’s case, each product has specific details that pertain to that product. Reps were keeping notes in hard copy on different pieces of paper that they had to shuffle through, or had them pinned to their wall as a reference, but the company wanted everything all in one searchable location. Pharmakinnex did not want to risk a rep not knowing where to look for something or to miss a detail or a question simply because they didn’t think about it.

“There was always a risk that important things that don’t come up on every call could tend to fall by the wayside, and that is where you can really lose opportunities. Those last final details that need to be relayed to complete the sale and get that prescription, and not having the right information easily accessible can instantly make you lose your credibility.”

-Mike Stanzione, Senior Account Manager at Pharmakinnex.

Compliance was another major issue for Pharmakinnex. If they weren’t maintaining industry-leading compliance standards, they could lose programs or even find themselves named in a lawsuit. They had clients with stringent compliance agreements and regulations, with several specific things that had to be said on every call to be in compliance, but with typical quality assurance and call monitoring, they had no effective way to know what was being said, or not, on every call. They needed data to show clients that they were consistently maintaining their compliance standards.

Lastly, Serrano and Stanzione noticed that agents weren’t asking to speak with the prescribers on calls. Knowing that these decision makers were the targets that they needed to get to – the people who write the prescriptions – Pharmakinnex needed a way to get this request into more calls. Clients want the reps to speak with the biggest influencers who drive the business, but reps felt more comfortable talking to the other office staff. Their agents claimed that they were asking for the prescribers, but Stanzione knew they weren’t asking as much as they could, and as he knew “if you don’t ask, you are never going to get it.” He just didn’t have the data to prove it. Pharmakinnex needed a solution that could monitor every call for this request.



The Solution:

Pharmakinnex went looking and found the perfect solution for them – Balto.

With Balto’s checklist, Pharmakinnex ensures that compliance items are always front and center for the agents. Balto monitors both sides of every conversation and collects data to help analyze and report their compliance rates. “It is impossible for me to listen to every call,” says Stanzione, “but Balto does it all for me and it can then put a number to it to see how effective all these agents are.”

One of the current programs that they are using Balto on has a black box warning that has to be relayed on every call. By using Balto on calls for this product, it ensures that the reps are offering and relaying that information to the office on every call, as required to keep them compliant.

With Balto’s post-call analytics, Stanzione and Serrano can look at checklist items as they are completed, how frequently and by which reps, and compare that to how many of their calls lead to an engagement. Using this information, they can then decide when they need to further audit an agent and whether that leads to additional training or replacing the agent.

Balto also helps condense all the information for a product into one place for the reps so they have it all right there at their fingertips, which reduces onboarding time and helps experienced agents learn new products. Through constant monitoring, Balto’s pops up the right information in front of a rep when a topic is mentioned, so they don’t have to go searching for it. In this way, Balto ensures that agents remember both the “big important things” and the simple things, so that there are no missed opportunities. With different playbooks for different products, checklists and alerts can be customized for each program and even very complicated products with a lot of moving parts can be maintained at the highest levels.

By listening to every call, Balto also analyzes exactly how often agents are asking specific questions or mentioning the name of a specific product. With its post-call manager dashboard, Stanzione could finally show the reps that their doctor detail rate was only 3%!




The Results:

With the help of Balto, Pharmakinnex’s agents are now better able to handle objections and respond when challenged with questions. The agents are excited about the ease of use of the FAQ section and the objection handling tools. Serrano is thrilled that Balto “is giving them assistance in real time, without having a supervisor or team lead listening into that call.” Having all the details at their fingertips allows the agents to maintain the confidence that the prescribers have in them throughout the call. This information and “instant knowledge” can help agents include all the details necessary and answer all the questions asked of them to prevent them from losing a sales opportunity.

Additionally, Pharmakinnex has seen their agents asking for the decision makers more frequently and has recently started measuring other metrics, including the frequency of product name usage. After only a month of using Balto, reps have more than doubled their Doctor Detail Rate, and Serrano is continuing to see that tick up over time. Not only does he have the data to prove it now, the design of the software naturally encourages agents to increase the frequency of that ask. Balto continues to work with Pharmakinnex to customize their metrics as clients ask for specific information and new programs roll out.

Pharmakinnex now also has reliable metrics on their compliance rates. Stanzione reports that agents are saying “between 80-90% of all checklist items” on every call, which is an impressive rate due to the limited time that they often have with prescribers, which will innately keep them from ever being said on 100% of calls. With Balto, ensuring that reps stay compliant while also keeping them from losing opportunities that they typically wouldn’t be able to recover from without manager involvement builds confidence in these brand teams and often makes them just as effective as a field force.

In fact, these new compliance metrics has become one of the selling points Pharmakinnex uses with potential clients. “Everyone asks us ‘What is your quality assurance and how do you handle compliance?’” says Serrano, “and I always bring it back to the AI technology.” New clients are often “blown away by everything Balto has to offer and very impressed,” says Stanzione. “In fact, one client’s exact words were ‘My reps need to have this in the field!’”

Balto’s customer service surpasses Pharmakinnex’s expectations. Balto’s rapid turnaround time and continuous improvements have helped the Pharmakinnex team utilize this tool effectively. Serrano says Balto is “small enough to be responsive but big enough to get things done and they have really over-delivered on that. Stanzione confirms “there is nothing that these guys haven’t done for us” when asked about the Balto Customer Service team.

Going forward, Pharmakinnex is excited to continue growing their Balto usage as they roll it out to the entire call center and build new playbooks for new programs. Balto is “really helping our business,” says Serrano. “Not only with the agents, but it is also building confidence with clients that our agents have the tools necessary to be successful.” As the industry changes and access to doctors’ offices is closing, the prescribers don’t see field force reps anymore. This model of tele-detailing is the future, and Balto is helping Pharmakinnex to help make it a successful one.

“I want to thank Balto for helping us enhance our business,” says Stanzione. “This software solution has really been gaining traction with customers and clients as they find it really intriguing, which has helped to close business. We are starting a program now for which Balto was definitely one of the things to push us over the top and close that deal.