World-Class Technology for World-Class Calls 


Balto’s advanced artificial intelligence is instant, intelligent, customizable, and easy to use. Reps receive critical information in the moments they need it most. Managers and directors receive data to back up  strategy  and optimization. With the first live speech guidance software, taking your business to the next level just got a whole lot easier.  

Balto Software Real-Time Call Suggestion titled "Do you have to click" with checklist in background


One Technology Helping Reps and Managers 


Specific Content

Every organization is different. Balto’s alerts and suggestions are designed around your products,  phrases, and industry terminology.


Agile Checklist

Balto listens for conversation milestones, visually checking them off as they happen to ensure reps stay on track.

Flexible Alerts

Balto’s rep-facing alerts are completely customizable, giving managers power to adjust the key behaviors Balto enforces.

Instant Prompting

Balto provides critical information to reps live in  moments they need it most, because after-call feedback is already too late.


Compliance & Quality

Balto live-monitors calls for non-compliant and low quality language, prompting reps to self-correct before the conclusion of the call.

Superb Data

Balto automatically populates up-to-the-minute dashboards with pristine conversation data for manager review.


Balto Powers Reps to have  Impactful Conversations


Balto Software Integrations Prompt explaining Balto's call center telephony integrations with a checklist in the background.

Know what to say, live on each call

Balto listens to both you and the prospect/ customer.  At every key moment, Balto will automatically tell you how to reply.  

These key moments can include emotions, words, or specific phrases such as pain points, interests, and objections. 

Balto’s state of the art AI speech analytics software has listened to millions of calls and is always improving.

Will yours be next? 

Automatically keep track of what was said, live on each call

Balto listens for conversation milestones, visually checking them off as they happen, to ensure you stay on track.

We call this our agile checklist

It takes the pressure off of remembering what to say next and even gives you a step by step approach to calls.

When a customer gets off-topic, it allows you to refocus the conversation on the key parts which were missed. Never look back in regret at what could have been said, again.


Balto Software call accuracy prompt showing call accuracy in different contact center environments

Key behaviors alerts, live on each call

Talking too quickly? Talking too slowly? Not listening enough? Not using enough “you” language? Balto has you covered. 

Alerts will let you know what to change, live on each call. Psychology backed triggers also help you change those habits for good.

Say goodbye to mistakes and hello to the habits of top performers.



Balto Powers Managers and Directors to Optimize 


Improve employee job satisfaction

Reps love Balto. Whether new or old, Balto helps reps do their job more effectively.

Since its inception, Balto was made to make your employee’s lives easier while also increasing productivity.

Live call guidance, objection handling, and ease of use provides reps with a perfect tool. 

With Balto, you will lose fewer reps because you set them up to excel. 

Click here to read about how one company’s ramp-up times greatly diminished.

Balto Software Post-Call analytics dashboard showing call center rep performance during previous conversations on computer screen
Balto Software Post-Call analytics dashboard showing call center rep performance during previous conversations on computer screen

Train reps quickly

With easy to use live call guidance, reps will always know what to say.  New ways to combat objections? With a push of a button every rep will automatically know what to say. Training just got a whole lot easier. 

On boarding and ramp up times will be dramatically increased too. When new reps join your company, they will automatically know what to say. 

Track everything 

Data. With Balto, you will know what words/ phrases are driving results.  Whatever your KPI, you can track where results come from.   Most companies connect results directly to revenue.  

You can also track which employees use each important phrase/word, on every call. Ultimately, you can see 100% of every single call. 

In addition to live call guidance, you get a free data studio that allows you to better understand the data.  You also get a free dashboard that shows an overview of results.

All data is up-to-the-minute.

Develop strategy and optimize

With robust data comes great optimization. 

All call data will enable you to see trends and optimize your strategy. 

Balto is incredibly customizable, so if one word is increasing conversions by 1%, you can instantly get all your employees using that word. 

With Balto, there’s tremendous potential for continuous optimization and continuous growth. 

Ready to See It In Action?

We don’t do simulations. During your demo, you’ll see Balto working in a live environment, actually implementing the suggestions most relevant to your organization. Schedule your Balto demo today.