World-Class Technology for World-Class Calls

Balto’s artificial intelligence is instant, intelligent, and flexible, delivering mission-critical information to reps in the moments they need it most. Pricing objection? Customer complaint? Complex product question? No problem.

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Balto Powers Your Most Impactful Conversations


Specific Content

Every organization is different. Balto’s alerts and suggestions are designed around your products,  phrases, and industry terminology.


Agile Checklist

Balto listens for conversation milestones, visually checking them off as they happen to ensure reps stay on track.

Flexible Alerts

Balto’s rep-facing alerts are completely customizable, giving managers power to adjust the key behaviors Balto enforces.

Instant Prompting

Balto provides critical information to reps live in  moments they need it most, because after-call feedback is already too late.


Compliance & Quality

Balto live-monitors calls for non-compliant and low quality language, prompting reps to self-correct before the conclusion of the call.

Superb Data

Balto automatically populates up-to-the-minute dashboards with pristine conversation data for manager review.

Balto Software Integrations Prompt explaining Balto's call center telephony integrations with a checklist in the background.

Balto Integrates with Your Phone System

Balto has learned for over two and a half million phone conversations and is ready to put those insights to work for you. Balto integrates into your telephony system and automatically understands phone calls, in turn providing instant, rep-facing suggestions.


Balto Respects The Sensitivity of Your Calls

By default, Balto knows to listen for some things, like customer interest or competitor names, and not others, like credit cards or healthcare information. Balto never saves or records personal information and uses state of the art security to protect caller information and data.


Balto Software PCI, PCH, PII real-time call prompt with the checklist in the background.
Balto Software call accuracy prompt showing call accuracy in different contact center environments

Balto Is a Very Thoughtful Listener

Balto believes in the power of people and only intervenes when it thinks it can help. Otherwise, it lets humans do their job, and as reps evolve, so does Balto. That way, reps trust Balto’s suggestions and use utilize them as appropriate.



Balto is Designed for Human Control

We certainly don’t expect Balto users to be A.I. gurus. As a result, Balto is designed to be flexible, intuitive and easy to adopt. Managers can easily evaluate each rep’s performance, adjust the pace in which Balto intervenes, and regulate the criteria Balto evaluates.

Balto Software Post-Call analytics dashboard showing call center rep performance during previous conversations on computer screen

Partner with a Company that Invests in your Success

Call Analytics

Want to correlate different strategies with specific outcomes? Balto’s call analytics let managers see exactly what’s working and what isn’t. 

Painless Onboarding

We respect your time and we’ll personally meet with you and your team to learn about your organizational goals and ensure Balto is helping.

Guaranteed Uptimes

We don’t make excuses. When you use Balto, we proudly guarantee the stability and quality of our product. It’s that simple.

Real People

We don't automate our customer service, period. When you contact Balto, you get a real person ready (and excited) to help.

Immediate Turnaround

Need help adjusting Balto for a new campaign, script or performance goal? Your dedicated account manager is ready to assist.

Proper Security

Your conversations are your most valuable asset, which is why all of our data is protected utilizing cutting-edge security protocols.

Ready to See It In Action?

We don’t do simulations. During your demo, you’ll see Balto working in a live environment, actually implementing the suggestions most relevant to your organization. Schedule your Balto demo today.

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