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How to Lead Your Call Center Remotely

The United States is home to over 66,000 call centers, and overnight, many of them disappeared. In March, millions of call center agents packed up their workstations and took them home. The impact that this will have on the call center industry now and forever can’t be understated.

Better Sales

5 Strategies to Make Your Sales Coaching Stick

Improve your sales coaching with these 5 strategies backed by behavior change psychology.

Sales Training

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7 Essential Communication Skills

Whether you know it or not, we’re all salespeople. We all build relationships and inspire change with our words. Behind the best...

Is Your Sales Script Working?

In Marketing, it’s easy to A/B test a landing page or a lead form to figure out what actually works.  In sales, the task is more...

What to Say When the Coronavirus Comes Up on Sales Calls

The Coronavirus is unlike anything we’ve lived through. It’s causing major shifts in how we communicate and how businesses operate. ...

Better Customer Service

5 Creative Ways to Lower AHT in Times of Crisis

The perfect metric to gauge customer service is Average Handle Time (AHT). In times of crisis, you’ll want to get creative with AHT....

Best Practices for De-Escalating a Call

Four Steps to Resolve any Customer Conflict: Our brains are hardwired to over-react. Conditioned to survive above all else, our...

Live Call Monitoring Supercharges Quality and Consistency in Call Centers

Companies make significant investments in call center software in expectation of a substantial return. The desired outcome, however,...

5 Ways to Instantly Lower AHT

The perfect metric to gauge customer service is Average Handle Time (AHT). If you use AHT just for speed, you’re doing it wrong. AHT becomes the perfect metric when…

Better Collections

10 Phone Skills to Collect as Much Revenue as Humanly Possible

This guide tries to distill 5,000 years of collections wisdom into 10 phone skills that will help your agents collect as much revenue as humanly possible.

Conversation Drip – Where Collectors are Leaving Money on The Table

Balto asked over 100 agency owners to pick the areas where their collectors are leaving money on the table. Participants were asked...

Ensure Compliance with Call Quality Parameters

Whether your call center fields thousands of inbound sales calls, customer service inquiries or your team connects with prospects...

Get Paid! New Training for Debt Collectors

Effectively implementing debt collection training is an essential part of any comprehensive collections strategy. Many companies...

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