Sell more, faster, with A.I.

Balto’s sales software is ready to help your reps sell more, faster. Balto listens for things like objections, rebuttals, interest, and competitor names. It even knows can recognize the decision maker. Reps count on Balto to provide the best thing to say, live, on every sales call.  Company leaders rely on the data dashboard to find ways to drive revenue. The future of sales is here. 

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Get Just-In-Time Sales Information, Live on Each Call


Objection Handling

Balto detects objections and instantly prompts sales reps with strategies to overcome them.


Pain & Interest Signals

Balto detects sales signals, like pain and interest, and instantly prompts reps to go for the close.

Soft Skills

Balto enforces habits, like active listening and talk speed, which underpin effective sales calls.

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1. Increase your Win Rates

Balto’s A.I. guides your sales team to use your most effective sales strategies on every call. Balto uses speech analytics to uncover how your best reps win their calls and then automatically coaches your entire sales team to use the same winning strategies across your contact center.

2. Prevent Sales Mistakes that Lose Calls

Listen more, ask better questions, close with confidence – your sales reps know what to do. Actually doing executing sales strategies,  live call is the tricky part. Balto’s sales software automatically guides your reps to sell like your best rep in the make-or-break moments of every call.


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Balto Software giving a talk time signal to a sales rep with checkbox in the background

3. Replace Bad Sales Habits With Good Sales Habits

Habits are tough to form and even tougher to break. Balto gets rid of the bad sales habits that lose calls and replaces them with highly effective sales habits that close calls.

4. Coach Every Call, Automatically

Sales reps forget 55% of their training after 1 week. Balto prevents your sales reps from forgetting their training by automatically coaching your reps when it matters most: live on every call.


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“Our #1 salesperson is our #1 Balto User.”

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Partner with a Company that Invests in your Success

Call Analytics

Want to correlate different strategies with specific outcomes? Balto’s call analytics let managers see exactly what’s working and what isn’t. 

Painless Onboarding

We respect your time and we’ll personally meet with you and your team to learn about your organizational goals and ensure Balto is helping.

Guaranteed Uptimes

We don’t make excuses. When you use Balto, we proudly guarantee the stability and quality of our product. It’s that simple.

Real People

We don't automate our customer service, period. When you contact Balto, you get a real person ready (and excited) to help.

Immediate Turnaround

Need help adjusting Balto for a new campaign, script or performance goal? Your dedicated account manager is ready to assist.

Proper Security

Your conversations are your most valuable asset, which is why all of our data is protected utilizing cutting-edge security protocols.

Ready to Save Calls?

With the click of a few button, your entire team could be closing as much as your best closer. What are you waiting for? Sign up to watch a Live Demo today. 

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