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What to Say When the Coronavirus Comes Up on Sales Calls

What to Say When the Coronavirus Comes Up on Sales Calls

The Coronavirus is unlike anything we’ve lived through. It’s causing major shifts in how we communicate and how businesses operate.  It has created a lot of uncertainty. If you’re in sales, you need to know how to navigate the very delicate situation without letting...

Sales Tactics for Objection Handling

Sales Tactics for Objection Handling

Hearing "no" is a fact of life.  Salespeople are among the people who hear no most. There are a million reasons a salesperson will be told "no": “It’s too expensive” “I’m not sure now is the best time” “I’m too busy right now”  All of these subtle ways of being told...

5 Killer Strategies for Creating Urgency in Sales

5 Killer Strategies for Creating Urgency in Sales

As a salesperson, nothing is more frustrating than an interested prospect moving slowly through your sales pipeline. In some cases, buyers legitimately have other priorities, but in many cases, they simply have no immediate need to move forward, despite finding value...

Sales Tips and Tricks – How to Solve Sales Pain

Sales Tips: How to Solve Sales Pain       In this video, we discuss some sales tips that will help you make your sales pitch more persuasive.       While you can definitely be persuasive by getting your customer excited, go a step further...

Sales Tips and Tricks – Be Upfront in Sales

Be Upfront In Your Sales Conversations On this video, we explain what social psychologists say is the best way to share not-so-great information. When you have information that you think your customer might not like, be honest and upfront about it. Let’s say that your...

Sales Tips and Tricks – Stop Using Sales Buzzwords

Stop Using Sales Buzzwords! On this video, we discuss how you can avoid one of the biggest communication mistakes so many agents make on the phones: using language that your customer doesn’t understand… or sales buzzwords. For example, the wrong way to describe Balto...

Sales Tips and Tricks – Start With Why

Start With Why On Inbound and Outbound Sales Calls   On this video, we’re going to discuss how you can win more inbound calls by quickly catching your customer’s interest. Start your next inbound call by determining why your customer is calling in, and then follow up...

Sales Tips and Tricks – Overcome Sales Objections with AIOA

  Overcome Sales Objections Using AIOA     On this video, we discuss the number one mistake sales reps make in overcoming objections in sales and how you can use A.I.O.A. to handle them with ease. Too often, sales reps are quick to argue rather than...

Sales Tips and Tricks – Value Confirmation Questions

The Power of Value Confirmation Questions in Sales On this video, we’re going to discuss how you can use value confirmation questions to make sure your customer is interested in your offer. Value confirmation questions are questions that prompt your customer to tell...

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