Sales Call Analytics is Changing


Cold calling used to involve sale reps taking to the phones with a script to follow and little else in the way of support.
But in the digital age, the world of sales has become a lot smarter. The roll of the call center has transformed and the results speak for themselves.

New solutions can track the most effective sales strategies, then replicate them across the whole team. They can even give reps the exact words they need at the right moment to help close a sale or handle objections.
They essentially help you do your job better.

A combination of AI-powered call tracking, computer learning and analytics has revolutionized the industry, giving reps the tools they need to be at the top of their game every day. It is the equivalent of filling your team with your best sellers, the ones that are always on message and can instinctively react to each customer’s needs.

Balto Software refers to it as “making humans more human”, putting everything a sales rep needs for success at their fingertips, helping them empathize and build a rapport to ensure great results.

The analytics part of the offering can uncover how your best reps win their calls, replicating the same language and social cues across the team. The software can also track consumer behavior and preferences, so you can adapt your responses accordingly.

Of course, analysis has always been a key part of strategizing within a sales team, normally by collecting information after a call. But never before have we had such detailed access to such a vast amount of data, and in real time. It means we can now arm our teams with all the information they need for success.

Balto can even link sales calls to the relevant marketing campaigns to analyze their success and ROI. The software can also monitor key words and referral sources to detect patterns and trends, as well as tracking the conversions themselves. This collated data is then used to provide valuable insights into the customer demographic, which can then be analyzed and used in training to help reps sell more effectively.

In turn, real-time speech analytics works as a support to the sale rep while they are on the call. By detecting the words and tone of the potential customer, the software can help guide the rep, providing answers in real-time so as not to lose sales opportunities as well as keeping the conversation on track.

You can even customize the service so that it has a live checklist of points to be covered in each call with language pointers so there is consistency across the board. With immediate feedback available after each call, good habits are reinforced and bad habits are prevented from developing.

Add in the post-call analytics options as well and you have a holistic solution that provides deep insights which can be used to help tailor training programs and strategize more effective sales campaigns.

Technology has taken away that game of chance that so often dominated phone sales. It means every sales rep is armed with all the data, information and prompts they could need to close more deals and become stronger members of the team.

Yes, it can boost sales, but it can also ensure consistency across your brand, boost moral within call centers and streamline the entire sales process. Technology has taken us way beyond the cold call sales scripts of old.

Originally published Mar 29, 2019 6:58 pm