How Call Centers Use Software For Messaging Consistency

Imagine if you could have an entire call center made up of your very best sales reps, the ones that close deals and build strong relationships with customers.

The latest technological developments in the industry aim to make that a reality, with software that coaches each rep through calls and even offers immediate feedback once each call has ended.

By using sophisticated data analysis and AI, software solutions such as Balto are able to identify the techniques and language that close the most sales, replicating them across the team. They also offer guidance when calls go off-message, helping build a rapport with the client and prompting reps to change tack when necessary to prevent sales falling through.

Of course, post-call analysis has always been a vital part of any sales team strategy, but never have we been able to analyze such vast amounts – and such a variety – of data to support ISRs.

So how does it work? Balto, for example, has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, which can provide prompts and strategies in response to things like objections or pain and interest signals, which it detects in real-time.

While figures show that sales reps forget 55 per cent of their training just a week after completing it, the on-screen prompts and feedback help develop good habits and reinforce training messages which otherwise can become lost over time.

It means that coaching software can be used to onboard new staff, as well as providing constant support to each member of the team, so they can analyze best practices, see how their calls are going and even review calls from other team members to pick up hints and tips.

For example, if you’ve just had a great call, Balto will explain what went right on that call, perhaps you built rapport well by addressing the client directly with ‘you’ a lot, or used a good selection of justification vocabulary which helped close the sale. Balto will summarize all this for you so you can build on those good habits that get results.

The software tracks the tiniest details of each call and offers feedback and advice. It can even analyze things like talk speed and talk time, helping reps work on managing not just what they say but how they say it to secure the best results.

The insights collected from calls make it much easier for managers to spot weak areas to be included in future training courses, streamlining the whole process and ensuring time taken up with training is truly useful for the team.

Then the ongoing coaching provided by the easy-to-use platform strengthens those training messages, helping agents put them into practice in the moment they are on the call, which is when they most need support.

In a world where telephone sales is becoming ever more important and the marketplace more and more competitive, the latest coaching software is a great way to give your team an edge.

Roger Weiss, COO of IT company CACi, described using Balto as “like flipping a switch” thanks to the effect it had on his sales team. He added: “It’s the most exciting new product that I’ve seen in the industry in years.”

The dream of filling your call center with your very best talent is fast becoming a reality.

Originally published Mar 29, 2019 8:02 pm