Boost Revenues With Balto’s Sales Coaching Software

Sales coaching software helps companies, call centers, businesses and other organizations. Anyone dealing with a high volume of calls can benefit from this proprietary software from Balto, an artificial intelligence company. Boost revenues and improve every aspect of customer service by using the adaptable features in Balto’s sales coaching software.

Balto offers a variety of benefits and features to make it easier to hit specific performance targets and team goals. The software engages with the representative during the live call and ensures that the conversation stays on track. It offers useful prompts if there is a problem, and this enables agents to sound well-informed and professional.

The ability to monitor live calls is part of this complete package. Many customers will only respond to sales representatives who are fully informed, confident and convincing. Balto provides the language prompts that make it possible to create this impression, which is a significant benefit for new agents.

New hires will often stumble through their training period, but Balto virtually eliminates the need for training away from the phone lines. Balto’s real-time call guidance prompts get each new hire up to speed on their first day. As time goes by, Balto helps them to refine their techniques and become better at their jobs.

About Sales Coaching Software

Balto is a unique sales coaching software that can boost the sales quotas of many organizations. This includes call centers, large enterprises, debt collection agencies and small businesses. It is useful for any organization that deals with a lot of phone calls, and it has features designed specifically to boost sales.

Sales representatives learn best on their feet, and Balto is designed to accommodate this style of development. It coaches sales reps in real time, and that reduces the amount of after-call feedback. However, the software is intelligent, and it will only make a suggestion if it has at least 90 percent assurance that the recommendation is accurate.

Sales professionals are often proud of what they can accomplish, and the designers at Balto support this by enabling Balto to remain selective. It will not interfere in a call unless there is an identified problem. This builds confidence in the sales team because they will be able to see that Balto is only providing feedback when there is a good reason for it.

Customizing Sales Coaching Software

Customization is one of the strongest features Balto offers. In addition to the live call interface, managers can quickly adjust the priorities to fit a new situation. This makes it possible to rapidly launch and deploy a new sales campaign or change the approved language script.

It is difficult to create an environment where a consistent message is delivered regardless of the agent’s department. Balto solves this problem by enabling managers to customize the language or script that will be approved for use across all divisions. This makes it possible to have every agent in a large enterprise delivering the same message to every customer.

Custom checklists are extremely helpful when sending out reminders to sales reps or collectors. These checklists can be enforced by Balto during the call. Balto’s sales coaching software will simply prompt the sales rep to include the missing items before the end of the call. This ensures that the customer will hear a consistent message during each phone call.

Compliance Monitoring With Balto

Balto prevents damage from being done by remaining proactive and engaging in preventative measures. This includes reminders for sales reps to say their lines in a compliant manner. However, it also applies to other types of compliance violations as well.

New hires often make mistakes, and it can be an expensive and arduous process to train them properly. Some companies still hire inexperienced sales reps because they believe that it is easier to work with someone who doesn’t have ingrained habits. However, the trade-off is lack of experience and unfamiliarity with various compliance standards.

Balto makes it possible to train new sales reps right on the job. The software offers tips and prompts to help them navigate sales calls like a seasoned professional. They can quickly learn the best practices for generating interest in customers as well as the common signs indicating that it’s time to close the deal.

Sales Coaching Software For Better Service

Customer service professionals can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of material they are expected to remember. Sales coaching software can provide the necessary support when the agent needs it the most, which is during the actual phone call. It is always best to recover a difficult situation in real time.

Additional prompts can be given to representatives who deviate from the approved script. Common compliance violations include making false or misleading statements, using threats or failing to follow the prompts to complete a checklist. Managers can keep an eye on the progress over time without losing track of the big picture.

Areas of Influence

There are many areas within an organization that can be improved by using Balto. Every agent engaged in customer service can benefit from this software. This includes collections agents, sales representatives and customer service professionals.

Prevent serious mistakes from happening. This is a hidden benefit that every team member will receive when working with Balto:

  • Sales representatives can use the prompts that Balto provides to figure out how to deal with a variety of situations. The prompts can alert the representative to the level of interest expressed by the customer, for example. This is a common sign that the rep should go for the close. Articulation of a pain point is another signal that indicates it might be a good time to attempt to close the sale.
  • Compliance is a broad category that includes the language used, adherence to the approved talking points and customized phrases. Balto detects variations or deviance from compliance standards, which can also be adjusted if necessary. Compliance also includes the observation of checklists, which are enforced by Balto. The software keeps track of milestones in the conversation, and it will send a reminder to the sales rep if anything is missed.
  • Customer service can be improved in a variety of ways using Balto. Consider what happens when a service representative is confronted with a difficult question from a customer. The time it takes to answer the question accurately can make the difference between a sale and a rejection. The software can provide accurate information immediately, which prevents these opportunities from being lost.
  • Quality assurance is an integral part of the call monitoring software. Balto monitors language, tone and speed to determine if the representative is creating the conditions that make a sale likely. If there is a deviation from the approved language, the software will correct it before the call ends. Customers will get a consistent experience with these quality control measures in place.

Training and Gamification

Gamification can get sales representatives back on their toes, which is important because fatigue can affect the morale of salespeople over time. A competition can be set up, and Balto will keep track of the number of objections or complaints that were overcome within a certain amount of time. This is a great way to boost the overall morale of the sales team while allowing them to refine their skills.

Gamification can be adapted to the needs of the sales team as well. For example, if the team recognizes that there is a problem with answering a certain type of question, the manager can set up a game to see who can answer the problem question first. This type of competition benefits the entire group, and the goal can be adjusted to target other skills.

Balto Product Tour and Demos

Demonstrations allow managers, directors and buyers to see Balto in action. These are not simulations; instead, the software is being used in a situation identical to the ones faced by your company. Representatives will be prompted to use your specific terms, phrasing and product information. Balto can construct sentences for use in difficult situations, and this can help to close the deal.

Watch the software guide a sales representative through a series of conversational events with ease. The software checklist can be enforced with reminders, and the manager dashboard will show updates in real time. During the product tour, you can review all of the key features to see how this software can impact your bottom line. The manager dashboard auto-populates with fresh data as the call is ongoing.

Avoid common problems by using Balto. This software can help sales representatives to close the deal while remaining compliant. It is programmed to protect sensitive customer information like credit card numbers and HIPAA data. Balto has many other supportive features that can be adapted to maximize revenues and collect outstanding balances. Schedule your sales coaching software demo today.

Originally published Apr 22, 2019 8:05 pm