Close More with Balto’s Sales Call Analytics

Balto understands sales calls and automatically prompts sales reps with the best things to say, live on each call.

Balto Live Sales Call Analytics Tracks and Alerts Sales Reps on their Calls

Real-Time Sales Call Analytics

Balto understands sales conversations and automatically alerts reps with the best things to say, live on each call. With Balto, sales reps are never at a loss for words in the critical moments of their calls.

Reinforce Sales Technique

Balto’s Immediate reinforcement more than doubles retained sales learning.

Save More Calls

Balto guides sales reps in the moment before the opportunity is lost.

Balto Software Sales Call Analytics Live Call Guidance Showing a Competitor Objection
Balto Software Sales Call Analytics Dashboard Showing Sales Rep Performance

Sales Analytics and Dashboards

Balto’s sales call analytics automatically track critical variables in your sales conversations. How many times was a competitor name mentioned? How many budget objections did a rep overcome? Balto detects it all.

Simple to Use

Balto’s sales analytics plug into your current cloud dialer for a seamless integration.

Coaching Times

Don’t take reps off the phones; with Balto, sales reps sell and learn at the same time. 

Balto’s Sales Call Analytics Features

Balto’s sales analytics ensure salespeople close as much as humanly possible

Objection Handling

Balto instantly detects sales objections and quickly helps sales reps overcome them.

Messaging Consistency

Balto ensures every sales rep is using consistent, proven sales techniques on their calls.

Live Sales Checklist

Balto tracks key moments in the sales conversation and alerts reps if they miss something important.

Soft Skills

Balto enforces soft sales skills, like talk speed, active listening, and empathy.

Product Knowledge

Balto recognizes product questions and provides sales reps with accurate answers, live in call.

Manager REporting

Balto’s intuitive post-call reporting illustrates what’s working and what doesn’t.

See Balto’s Sales Call Analytics in Action

Balto demos are truly immersive – you’ll see Balto’s sales call analytics in action, guiding and saving sales calls.

Balto Software Sales Call Analytics Dashboard showing sales rep results