Stop Re-Coaching the Same Skills Week After Week With Live Call Guidance.

Balto understands phone conversations and instantly alerts reps with the best things to say at high-impact points in the call.

Pain Signals

Balto recognizes buyers’ pains in real time and cues reps to probe the prospect for additional details and better understanding.

Live Messaging

Balto allows for immediate organization wide scripting changes in response to changing events and messaging. 


Balto is customizable for each rep, allowing for individualized training tailored to each rep’s strengths and weaknesses.

Custom Alerts

Balto detects organization-specific language, like competition and product offerings, allowing for custom alerts.

Smart Checklist

Balto ensures reps ask key questions in every call by automatically checking them off as they’re addressed.

If a rep forgets to ask a key question, Balto will alert them before the conclusion of the call. Conversely, Balto’s smart checklist listens for specific prospect answers that necessitate further sales discovery.

Now, managers can trust that the correct questions have been asked on each call before they review them.

Overtalking Alert

Did you know that the best reps talk no more than 40% of the time?

Balto recognizes when a rep is talking too much or too fast and recommends questions to balance the conversation.

Now, reps can get the prospect to opening up about his or her problems and goals instead of dominating the conversation.

Identifying pain separates the strongest reps from everyone else.  Balto increases pains discovered per call by an average of 2.9 times.

Instant Rebuttals

Balto understands buyers’ objections in real time and cues reps to overcome them with strategies from your very own playbook. 

Now, reps can quickly and consistently overcome rebuttals using effective sales language.

Quality Control

Balto detects undesirable language, like filler words and foul language, and alerts reps to self-correct before the conversation progresses.

A/B Testing

Balto lets managers modify language across different portions of their team and track which language is most effective.


Balto automatically detects both qualified and disqualified prospects, saving conversation time and increasing meeting quality.

With Balto, prospect interest increased by an average of 2.8 times per call.

Common Answers

Do you sell a wide variety of products or services? Do your reps ever forget answers to frequently asked questions? 

Balto instantly recognizes buyers’ questions and prompts reps with accurate answers from your knowledge base.

Now, reps won’t provide wrong information to prospects or spend time digging for information while on live conversations.

We run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Can Balto tailor its alerts to a specific campaign?

Yes! Balto saves a database of all of your campaigns, with each campaign having its own customized cue set. A rep can switch from one campaign to another in less than 30 seconds.

What is the process for customizing Balto for our environment?

Balto captures the most important elements of phone conversations right out of the box. As part of your implementation, you’ll work closely with our customer success team to customize Balto for your particular organization. Balto learns over time, improving its suggestions every time your reps use it.

I’ve noticed that popular speech recognition software like Siri and Alexa aren't always accurate. How is Balto any different?

Services like Siri need to be able to understand and interpret nearly every word in the human language! With those services, you might be asking about anything from the nearest restaurant to the birthdate of a historical figure. Balto specializes in understanding sales conversations, which have much less variability, so Balto can understand your speech with much greater accuracy.

Can Balto integrate with my phone system?

Balto integrates with virtually every VoIP softphone system. Not sure if you are using a VoIP softphone? Please reach out to schedule a quick technology audit.

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