Live Call Guidance for Sales Reps

All the help reps need to avoid slip ups and win more calls.

Some Of Balto’s Solutions

Customized for your Organization

Smart Checklist

Balto guides reps through key points to cover in every call and automatically checks them off as they’re addressed.

Overtalking Alert

Balto recognizes when a rep is talking too much and recommends questions to balance the conversation.

Common Answers

Balto recognizes buyers’ questions and prompts reps with accurate answers from your knowledge base..

Instant Rebuttals

Balto understands buyers’ objections in real time and cues reps to overcome them with strategies from your very own playbook.

Pain Signals

Balto recognizes buyers’ pains in real time and cues reps to probe the prospect right then and there for better understanding.

We run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Can Balto tailor its cues specific to each campaign?

Yes! Balto saves a database of all of your campaigns, with each campaign having its own customized cue set. A rep can switch from one campaign to another in less than 30 seconds.

What is the process for customizing Balto for our environment?

Balto captures the most important elements of phone conversations right out of the box. As part of your implementation, you’ll work closely with our customer success team to customize Balto for your particular organization. Balto learns over time, improving its suggestions every time your reps use it.

I’ve noticed that popular speech recognition software like Siri and Alexa aren't always accurate. How is Balto any different?

Yes. Services like Siri need to be able to understand and interpret nearly every word in the human language! With those services, you might be asking about anything from the nearest restaurant to the birthdate of a historical figure. Balto specializes in understanding sales conversations, which have much less variability, so Balto can understand your speech with much greater accuracy.

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