Speech-to-text Engineer

Would you like to invent the real-time speech-to-text architecture for a fast-moving, cutting-edge software company? Balto is looking for a Lead Speech-to-Text Engineer to join our ground-floor startup and take the leading role in defining our speech-to-text architecture and roadmap.

You will work directly with Balto’s CTO to architect speech-to-text models and compose business-specific language libraries that power Balto’s best-in-class, real-time speech- to-text analytics. As the Lead Speech-to-Text Engineer at Balto, you will be responsible for increasing the word-for-word speech-to-text accuracy of Balto’s existing transcription to produce a quantum shift in Balto’s user experience. You might be a great fit for this position if you would enjoy working in a flexible, cooperative environment where you would have the freedom and responsibility to invent the foundation of Balto’s speech-to-text portfolio.

Balto is an artificial intelligence tool that transcribes and analyzes sales and customer service calls in real time to deliver live recommendations to representatives while they navigate their calls. Sales and service reps use Balto to improve their communication skills, better understand customers’ needs, and consistently remember the key points that they need to address on every call. At Balto, you will experience firsthand the limitless passion and critical strategy that go into building a technology company from the ground up.

Balto is headquartered in the T-REX incubator, an innovative space in downtown St. Louis that houses a community of technologists and entrepreneurs.

If you are excited about contributing to an expanding early-stage startup, apply now!

To apply, send your resume to careers@baltosoftware.com with a 2-sentence description of what excites you most about working at Balto.

Preferred Skills & Requirements

  • Masters or Ph.D. in computer science, statistics, linguistics, machine learning or a related field
  • Working knowledge of open source speech recognition or machine learning toolkits such as Kaldi or Sphinx
  • Fluent in Python and C++
  • Able to evaluate and/or build datasets and data pipelines for ASR
  • Able to deploy and scale real-time ASR technologies