Sell More, On Every Call.



Sales software that helps you close more on every call.  Sell more, optimize your sales team, and grow your business with Balto.  The first live call guidance software.


How Balto Works

Product Damage Balto Alert for Call Center Rep with checklist in background

1. Live Call Guidance


Balto is the first real-time call guidance software.

Powered by AI, Balto analyzes speech on both sides of the call and immediately delivers critical information to reps using Balto.


…Fully Customizable


Everything Balto recommends is fully customizable.

For leaders, this means your entire team can respond to the most difficult questions in your own words, every time.

For reps, this means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting what you should say or how you should say it. Never forget your training again.


2. Dashboard Suite


Balto tracks 100% of your calls.

Tracking conversations means there’s always clear data on which reps say what they are supposed to, what questions or value propositions convert best, and how you can optimize.

Included with Balto is an easy to use data studio that allows for deeper insights into call strategy.

Balto Software Interest Signal Alert for Call Center Rep with Checkli in backgroundst

3. Always Optimizing


Reps making calls get automatic real-time call guidance, so they always know the best thing to say and can close more deals. 

Managers get accurate data on every make-or-break moment of each call, for every rep, so they can see what is working and who to reward.

Directors and VPs get pure optimization.   With easy to understand data insights and complete call guidance customization, Directors and VPs can quickly change strategy and optimize the entire business.  That means training the whole team with the click of a button. 

Welcome to the call optimization.

Who Uses Balto?


Balto was built for teams that want to help their people always get better. We’ve seen Balto successfully implemented in a wide variety of industries and sizes. From huge call centers with thousands of reps to sales teams composed of a handful of sales reps.  Here are a few of the teams who have used Balto best. 

Just Heard On Balto Demos

“This is really cool-I’m thinking where was this my entire call center career??”
Call Center Manager
“This is slick, easy, clean, visually appealing, and so simple. I love it!”
Senior Manager- Client Experience
"This seems like it is too good to be true."
"I don't see how we couldn't make more money with this tool."
Information Systems Manager
" I love it. I love it. This is such a great tool...This should be telling you to close me right now."
Director of Inside Sales
“This is a super unique product. Never seen anything like this.”
Product Development Vice President, Sales
“I haven’t seen anything similar to this. What I’ve seen is after the fact which is already too late!"
“So you’re getting coached as we speak? That’s fantastic!”
Inside Sales Manager
“This would’ve changed my entire career path. This would’ve changed the game for everybody.”
“Wow, I can’t believe how fast that was.”
Manager of Key Accounts
"I’m so perplexed. I think this is awesome. That would be so awesome for them (reps) to see”
Executive Collections Directions
“I am absolutely in love with your software.”
General Manager

What Balto Customers are Saying

“Our #1 salesperson is our #1 Balto user. We got a lot of support right from the beginning. They were 100% committed to helping us reach our goals and they continued to help us brainstorm and reach those goals.”
Kirk Brundage

General Manager, Link Interactive

“We decreased our compliance deficit by 43% across our organization.”
Brandon Tumber

President, Midwest Recovery Systems

“The most amazing thing to me about Balto is the immediate impact it had on our daily production and revenue. It was like flipping a switch, literally. It’s the most exciting new product that I’ve seen in the industry in years.”
Roger Weiss

President, CACi

Balto Has Guided 20MM+ Phone Calls…

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