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Just Heard On Balto Demos

What’s it like to see Balto’s Real-Time technology for the first time? Read how other contact center leaders have reacted to seeing their first Balto demo.

“This is really cool-I’m thinking where was this my entire call center career??”
Call Center Manager
“This is slick, easy, clean, visually appealing, and so simple. I love it!”
Senior Manager- Client Experience
"This seems like it is too good to be true."
"I don't see how we couldn't make more money with this tool."
Information Systems Manager
" I love it. I love it. This is such a great tool...This should be telling you to close me right now."
Director of Inside Sales
“This is a super unique product. Never seen anything like this.”
Product Development Vice President, Sales
“I haven’t seen anything similar to this. What I’ve seen is after the fact which is already too late!"
“So you’re getting coached as we speak? That’s fantastic!”
Inside Sales Manager
“This would’ve changed my entire career path. This would’ve changed the game for everybody.”
“Wow, I can’t believe how fast that was.”
Manager of Key Accounts
"I’m so perplexed. I think this is awesome. That would be so awesome for them (reps) to see”
Executive Collections Directions
“I am absolutely in love with your software!”
General Manager
"Wow, I'm kinda speechless. This is the first time I've ever seen anything as interactive as that. I'm in shock and awe."
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

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