Close as Many Calls As Humanly Possible

Don’t let calls slip through the cracks – Balto understands phone conversations and tells reps what to say, live on each call


Empower Your Call Center Team to Sound Their Best

Balto’s AI guides your sales team to use your most effective sales strategies on every call. Balto uses speech analytics to uncover how your best reps win their calls and then automatically coaches your entire sales team to use the same winning strategies across your contact center.

Balto Software Interest Signal Alert for Call Center Rep with Checkli in backgroundst
Product Damage Balto Alert for Call Center Rep with checklist in background

Turn Your Insights into Real Call Results

Insights are easy. Execution is hard. You can probably think of a dozen different sales strategies you wish your team would implement. Helping them do it consistently is where things get tricky. Balto empowers your team to use your best strategies on every single call.

Prevent Small Conversation Mistakes that Cost Big Money

Stop losing revenue to simple conversation mistakes. Balto makes sure reps listen intently, say the right things, and don’t say the wrong ones. Who thought A.I. could make humans more human?

Balto Software Showing Knowledge Base Integration for Call Center Rep
Balto Software Post Call Coaching Analytics for  Call CenterRep

Balto Coaches every Rep to be Your Best Rep

If you could wave a magic wand and make your entire team communicate like your best performer, what would they sound like? Balto automatically guides your reps to be their best in the make-or-break moments of their calls.

Who is Balto For?

Balto understands phone calls and prompts call center reps with customized, industry-specific language.

Managing Contact Center Calls Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Balto is your automated call coach, monitoring 100% of your phone calls so nothing slips through the cracks.


“Our #1 salesperson is our #1 Balto user. We got a lot of support right from the beginning. They were 100% committed to helping us reach our goals and they continued to help us brainstorm and reach those goals.”

Kirk Brundage

General Manager, Link Interactive

“The most amazing thing to me about Balto is the immediate impact it had on our daily production and revenue. It was like flipping a switch, literally. It’s the most exciting new product that I’ve seen in the industry in years.”

Roger Weiss


“The leadership team at Balto is great, very customer service-y! They are available at a phone call or email to make changes and help. In terms of results, we decreased our compliance deficit by 43% across our organization.”

Brandon Tumber

President, Midwest Recovery Systems