Think your call center agents know how to handle tough conversations and keep demanding consumers happy?

It’s great to have faith in your team. It’s also easy to overestimate their talents, misjudge the types of call center agent skills they need to succeed or even implement poor training practices that instill bad habits. Here’s how switching to A.I. live call monitoring might help improve your call center agent skills

What Makes a Good Rep?

Being naturally talkative or friendly isn’t enough to succeed as a call agent. Instead, reps need unique abilities to close deals, explain things and handle caller frustrations. A.I. Live Call Guidance lets organizations impart phone-talking skills that most people don’t naturally develop:

Having Real Dialogues

Recognizing when you’re speaking too much is essential. Making the conversation one-sided turns people off and creates the impression that you don’t really care. A.I. tells your reps how much they’ve been talking compared to the other person. From there, they can adjust on the fly.

Making Conversation Comfortable

Good conversation partners understand pacing. For instance, you might need to slow down to explain tricky concepts or cut out small talk for a frustrated client. A.I. displays each agent’s speaking rate in real time so that they can modify their discourse to make customers feel comfortable.

Speaking Professionally

It isn’t always easy to avoid informal grammar, common slang and language that others may find offensive. Many of the convenient linguistic constructions we rely on every day are unclear, weak or overly casual. A.I. tells reps when they’re leaning too heavily on misleading, confusing or false language — and suggests better alternatives.

Listening Actively

Conversations are sheer agony when it seems like the other person isn’t hearing you. Active listening is a widely used practice that focuses on understanding instead of making yourself understood, being non-judgmental, giving the speaker your full attention and using silence to cultivate empathy.

A.I. enhances call center agent skills by helping reps become better conversationalists. It also helps them master the use of signaling techniques, such as asking questions, to help the other person know when it’s their turn to talk — a critical skill in the absence of visible body language.

Having Conversations That Feel Natural

Face it, talking about a product problem, special trial offer or payable account doesn’t make for organic conversation. The business-oriented nature of call center discussion makes it imperative that your agents grasp how to transition naturally.

A.I. provides reps with better suggestions than they might get from rote scripts. By learning what makes a good conversation, it helps your agents choose small talk topics that create personal, emotional connections without sounding forced, intrusive or unprofessional.

Bridging the Talent Gap

These skills make sense from a basic functional standpoint. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly what you’d need to enjoy a normal, casual conversation with a friend, and most agents learn their conversational styles from everyday speech with their peers. As such, it’s up to you to facilitate their transition toward a more effective mode of professional discourse.

Can A.I. Help Your Team Hone Its Call Center Agent Skills?

Artificial intelligence is great because it’s active — Whereas a call script just sits there and doesn’t really care if you deviate from the example, intelligent software actually listens and provides useful feedback to improve call center agent skills.

A.I. call monitoring is highly effective because it can recognize meaning in stride. It instantly cautions reps about how they’re speaking to help them get back on track. Instead of waiting until an agent loses a customer, you can proactively cultivate the skills they’ll need to keep people engaged. Reps can improve their skills while still handling real phone calls.

Using A.I. to monitor your calls also gives reps a more comprehensive picture of their overall performance. They can easily see their stats on a dashboard and determine whether they’ve hit key marketing points. What better way to motivate your team members to improve themselves?

Are you trying to enhance your team’s call center agent skills? To discover how a comprehensive A.I. solution might help, check out Balto today.

Originally published Apr 22, 2019 7:44 pm