Case Studies

Balto’s real-time call analytics software analyzes tens of thousands of phone calls every single day, helping call center representatives quickly and easily optimize their performance. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who make Balto possible.

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CACi Logo

Learn how CaCI used Balto to achieve a 25% increase in average daily collections, 75% uptick in average immediate payments and a 65% decrease in training times for new hires.


Midwest Recovery Systems Logo

Learn how Midwest Recovery used Balto to achieve a 43% decrease in compliance deficits and 3% increase in revenue.



Tate and Kirlin Associates Logo

Learn how Tate and Kirlin used Balto to increase average payment size from $86 to $331 and increased average minimum payments by 15% in under 3 months.


Link Interactive Logo

Learn how Link Interactive used Balto to achieve a 2% increase in sales over a 3 month period while increasing visibility into their calls.