Do You Want Better Calls?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t want their reps making the best calls possible?


Here’s a harder question – how do you do it?


There are literally hundreds of things you could try – do you host more trainings? Do you adjust incentives? Do you stand over every rep’s shoulder as they quiver in fear?


Even in the very best organizations, calls slip through the cracks. Humans are human, after all, and we aren’t always perfect.


But what if you could get results that your competition could only dream of? What if you could get every rep to replicate the skills of your very top performers?


Take a quick look at this chart – taken recently from a Balto customer. During this period, Balto tracked performance but provided no live suggestions.



And here is the same chart, expanded, showing the moment Balto’s Live Call Guidance is turned on:



So what exactly do these lines represent? Is it a minor variable? Not exactly. That turquoise line is sales – actual one-call closes – made on the phone.


The result? Conversion rates increased by 444%.


This isn’t an anomaly – here are some other examples from various Balto clients.

In this example, a customer service team simply wanted to increase empathy statements over time; phrases like “did we fully resolve your problem?” and “I’m glad we could help!” After Balto, reps ask these questions nearly ten times more than before.


This is a final example – and a Balto favorite – because it’s actual data from a Balto rep. We elected to train filler words out of the rep’s vocabulary.

Filler words include phrases like kind of”, “obviously” and “maybe”. Through immediate reinforcement,  Balto helped to eviscerate these words to nonexistence in less than a month (this particular graph is for “kind of”).


Here Is The Reality…


There are obvious mistakes we all make on the phones: talking a little too fast, not listening, or not answering a question as well as we could. There are subtle nuances too: like using the wrong phrasing or missing a caller’s underlying intent.

These mistakes – and millions of others – lead to winnable calls slipping through the cracks, a phenomenon we call Conversation Drip.

Fortunately, Balto’s real-time speech analytics doesn’t make these mistakes. And it supercharges agent output.


So what is Conversation Drip costing you? Input your numbers below:


Even with most conservative numbers, that’s serious revenue loss!


Here’s why: Conversation Drip (calls that slip through the cracks), works in multiples – if 80% of your calls have the potential for positive results, but your team misses 40%, you aren’t losing 50% of revenue, you’re losing 200%!


Imagine increasing your organization’s revenue by 200%. That’s game changing.


SO – do you want to get your revenue back? Then keep reading…


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If you want to keep working with us, great! We can show you Balto. If not, you’ll leave with a few practical, simple-to-implement ideas to help improve call results on your team. It’s a win-win.


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